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  • Heo, Eun Young

statement ’14

Unattended, forgotten, lost, dead, and gone things capture my mind from time to time – and my works invite viewers to revisit their moments of could have been. Inspired by the action of seeding I began installing layers of Korean papers in the cut canvas to draw attention into a conceptual space. The space offers a context and gives shapes to memories. From Inner Space – there lie recalled events and experiences, on the track of time recorded in the process of coloring and arranging the papers, and trimming their nests. Cups are placed in different locations headed to different directions; stumbling upon resembled others they tell their own stories with potentiality of sharing, as we humans do. Through the opened space, shaped memory of an individual encounters with universal human stories. The installation showing in Sarajevo, Surface of Memories, holds the images of life came and left. I wanted to evoke the memories that gone things could have had. Cups fell prone, all tilted and sliced, come in sight with a bit uncanny impression as if we are standing in a captured moment witnessing the middle of one’s being: cups meet the past for us, locked and soaked in (the stories could have written differently.) Such images of fade-aways lead to a moment of meditation on life and death. By calling up the forgotten ones with empathy, I softly suggest that we look again but closely at, to give, and take care of the time and being gone by.

PAFF (Peace Art Freedom Festival) in Sarajevo – Korean Contemporary Art

7th – 11th. FEB 2014

Collegium Artisticum

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


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