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2018  E-Witness, Women and War

E-Witness, 전쟁과 여성

Quartair & International Institute of Social Studies, November 16-25, 2018

In Between
color print & drawing on transparency film, 300x192cm, 2018

My encounters with these women started by browsing through evidential records and information. I chose to only focus on faces captured in certain moments while acknowledging inevitable bias, inherent in the act of imagination. By doing this, they are carefully manifested as a novel image.  Facing them outside the context of the circumstances, we navigate through between the parallel lines, grappling with the gravitation the two different approaches have towards one another.

With modern networks in the digital age, these women are now able to testify to unfinished wars and violence against women. They meet people through a number of uploads/downloads on online platforms and electronic mediums. Traces of their lives with their testimonies continue through technology. Therefore, room for encounters are left somewhere in the virtual space: so they live on.


  • Venue: Quartair Toussaintkade 55  2513 CN, The Hague

  • Opening: Friday, 16 November at 18:00

  • Opening speech: Mr. Lee Yun Young (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in the Netherlands)

  • Guest speaker: Dr. Kees Biekart (from the ISS, The Hague), Kathleen Ferrier (former Dutch member of parliament)


Round table discussion at the Institute of Social Studies “Women and War: Beyond Victimhood?”

  • Venue: ISS Aula

  • Tuesday, 20 November 16:00-18:00


Dark Tour: Urban Safari to the Carefully Covered-up Truths

  • Saturday, 24 November 11:00-13:00


Participating artists

S.Korea | ART Ze-An

Kim Su-hyang, Min Cheol-hong, Shin Young-seong, Shim Jung-ah, Chung Kyung-mi,

Ha Min-su, Heo Eun-young, Han Soong-hoon, Hwang Seon-young

Communications Coordinator : Kaisha Seungyeon Woo

The Netherlands | Theater of Wrong Decisions

Ingrid Rollema, Eric de Vries, Gijs Leijdekkers and Ruud Hisgen.


Hosted by Quartair / ART Ze-An

Organized by Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, Curator Jessy Rahman

Co-creator: Ingrid Rollema

Collaboration organizations: ISS (International Institute of Social Studies), The Hague (part of Erasmus University Rotterdam), Dr. Kees Biekart and Dr. Kasia Grabska

Thanks to: Ludmila Rodrigues, Nicole Hermans and Pietertje van Splunter


‘E-Witness’, the theme of the event refers to the testimony of the times that is built upon the effort to bring up the issues that we need to remember and reflect from the war and violence in the human history.  ‘E’ is the initials of ‘eyewitness’ and ‘electronic data’, and the artworks have been created with serious introspection to provide a significant platform to discuss issues of war and human, especially in regards of war and women to interact through the artistic language and contemporary perspectives in the electronic era.

The event is organized together with Quartair, and it is originated from the “Re-encountering Her: War and Women” exhibition, which was organized by the ART Ze-An in 2017 on the theme of sexual abuse and human rights abuse during the war. To this end, Korean and Dutch artists continued to communicate with each other for over a year, and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) has played a significant role in expanding the platform of artistic communication to the platform of humanistic communication. As a result, we could host an open discussion and related events with artists, researchers, and students from both countries, as well as the exhibition to explore the future of peace and coexistence.

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