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2014  Surface of Memories

Sarajevo Winter Festival: 30th Jubilee International Sarajevo Festival "Sarajevo Winter": Sarajevskazima 2014

PAFF (Peace Art Freedom Foundation) Korean Contemporary Art; February 7-11. 2014; Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

기억의 표면  Surface of Memories
Installation, 2014
disposable cups, printed images, ground coffee, 500x110x10cm

하나의 컵은 늘 같은 모습이어도 그 속을 지나간 것들은 다 다르고 새로운 것이다. 기울여진 채로 바닥의 얕은 이미지의 표면에 박혀있거나 잠겨있는 컵들은 이미 지나간 과거의 자리에 멈춘 듯 머물러 있다. 도저히 놓을 수 없는 마음과 기억 속 존재들을 향한 돌봄의 시선을 작품에 담았다.

Oral Introduction to the presentation of Korean Contemporary Art and Korean Contemporary Photography at PAFF (Peace Art Freedom Festival) the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2014, Saturday 8th February

Annelise Zwez


“Memory” shows also up in the title of the work of Heo, Eun Young: “Surface of Memories”. The artist has been working with tea or coffee-cups for quite some time, arranging them on different grounds, indoor and outdoor. Here the challenge was, that floor is flat and yet she wanted to give us the illusion that they are about to disappear. I like the trick how she has cut them. The stories that people exchanged when they drunk the cups of coffee have not vanished yet, we see them printed on the brownish paper – nature is present, families are visible, but also pictures on events of the actual time. Once more we look at a work, that has abstract aspects – in the flow and the rhythm of the cups – and narrative ones at the same time. And together this makes – maybe – the typical Korean Poetry.

Artist’s note

Unattended, forgotten, ceased, and gone things capture my mind from time to time – and my works invite viewers to revisit their moments of could have been.

The installation showing in Sarajevo, Surface of Memories, holds the images of life came and left. I wanted to evoke the memories that gone things could have had. Cups fell prone, all tilted and sliced, come in sight with a bit uncanny impression as if we are standing in a captured instant witnessing the middle of one’s being: they meet the past for us, touching the lost names and traces. Such images of fade - always lead to a moment of meditation on life and death.

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