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2016  Encounters Close yet Distant

2016 한국-네덜란드 현대미술교류전

새로운 꿈과 새로운 미래 - 공존의 공간

Korea-Netherlands Contemporary Art Exhibition

New Dream New Future "Spheres of Coexistence"


2016 Heo, Eun Young Solo Exhibition 횃불 트리니티갤러리

2019 Jeonju Museum of Modern Art Opening Invitation Exhibition "Art New Wave" 전주현대미술관 개관 초대전

나와 너: 가깝고도 먼 만남
I and You: Encounters Close yet Distant
Installation, 2016

I and You, Encounters Close Yet Distant is an object installation with disposable paper cups and Korean paper with holes burned by incense or soldering iron. The cups are cut in different slopes and placed on both sides of the paper: they intimately approach to or drift apart from one another by the thin surface, as if to relentlessly gaze at the face of life and the other sides of life, and create myriad narratives by running into others from different locations and in different directions.

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